‘Ho-ttest Doctor Alive’ Is Under Fire For Enjoying A Boat Party With B-ikini-Clad Girls Without Wearing A Mask

The ‘ho-ttest doctor alive’ has been branded a ‘hypocr!te’ after footage emerged of him enjoying a boat party where most people appeared not to have their faces covered.

However, he has now come under f!re after photos and video footage from his 31st birthday party began doing the rounds on social media, showing him appearing to ign-ore his own advice.

Images from the party at Sunset Harbor see Dr. Mike – who was dubbed the ‘se-xiest doctor alive’ by People magazine in 2015 – surrounded by more than a dozen other people, none of whom are wearing face coverings.

Bla-sting the medic for his actions, a Reddit user said: “I know it’s your life and you can do what you want, but you have chosen to be a public figure. And because of that, and your profession, you are held to a higher standard.

“You are supposed to be the example. I admired and respected you. Now that is all lost.” Another said: “When you become a very large and growing medical influencer, one that a lot of people rely on for medical information in regards to the pa-ndemic, it’s not a good look.

“Ultimately it’s his life and he’s free to do whatever the h-ell he wants, but he has to deal with the cons-equences, and if that means his fans turning on him, so be it.” While a third user said: “This year was a-wful and Dr. Mike was a safe place for me. I was actually glad I discovered him before the pa-ndemic because, without him, I would’ve probably lost my mind with crazy consp!racies.

“I never cared about my health, I never trusted doctors before him, now I don’t know what to believe or do anymore.”Adding: “I was able to bring my family back to reality only with the information and arg-uments he has provided in his videos.”Over the past few months, Dr. Mike has stre-ssed the importance of face coverings.

Back in July, he said: “Wearing a mask decreases the spread of this v!rus and that is of utmost importance for people’s health and the health of our economy.”So please, if you’re going outside in public and are going to be around other people, wear a mask. It doesn’t matter if it’s silk, cotton, or surg!cal grade. The purpose of the mask is to limit the respiratory droplets that you put out into the environment.

“By wearing a mask, you are essentially limiting the spread to the community. So, if you see someone wearing a mask, you should really be thanking them.”A representative for Dr. Mike told Inside Edition that he adhered to all of the guidelines surrounding Covid-19 and only ‘took off his mask only when getting in and out of the water’.

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