Ex-Banker Who Didn’t Leave House For 2 Years Says OnlyF-ans Helps Her To Battle With An-xiety

A woman left her job in banking to become a se*y OnlyF*ns star – and says the career change “saved her life”.Nicole Ippolito had cr!ppling anx!ety in her former profession.

As the 26-year-old was under so much stress, she was sca-red to leave the house for two years. She said: “I do su-ffer, extremely. “I would have very severe atta-cks – so much so that I was sc-ared of the outside world.“At some points, it got so bad, I did not know what was going to happen to me.”

Nicole continued: “When I was doing my old job I was sc-ared I would lose everything and wind up homele-ss – my anx!ety was that bad.“I stayed inside for two years I couldn’t even go further than five minutes away from my house without having a pan!c att-ack.

“I missed out on multiple family gatherings and events.”When the model’s friends and family realized the extent of the problem, they stepped in to help. Nicole, who is from Miami, said: “(My parents) tried to help by making appointments with specialists.

“I had only one friend who actually cared and understood me because she had dealt with the exact problem.“She would come to my house and keep me company because she knew I couldn’t go out anywhere without pan!c.”Specialists tried to prescribe Nicole medication but she refu-sed as she worried about side-effects.

The American star said: “I did not take the medication because I was sc-ared of side effects.”My anx!ety was so strong that it did not allow me to take any meds!“I did see a therapist see if there were any natural ways to calm my anx!ety.“Sadly, nothing worked.” It was actually a career change that helped Nicole to get her anx!ety under control. When she saw women making money by dressing up in se*y outfits on OnlyF*ns, she wanted a slice of the action.

She said: “I saw girls who were traveling and buying whatever they wanted (clothes, cars, bags, trips, expensive dinners) and I knew I had to have that lifestyle!“Also knowing that I can be in the comfort of my home – it sounded too good to be true.“When I first made my account I had my doubts. I never thought I would make a lot of money.”Even though Nicole hoped to make as much money as her idols, she never expected to earn as much as she does now. She said: “It’s really taken off since Covid happened.

“I’m making the most money I’ve ever made – $70,000 (around £52,000) a month, plus another $8,000-10,000 a month from tips to my Cashapp.“I just dress up in colorful, t!ght-fitting outfits to show off my cu*ves, and it works!”It’s not just financial benefits the glamour model has benefited from though.

She said: “Working from my house I always have my cats around me 24/7 – they are service animals for my anx!ety and a huge therapy for me.“I love spending time with them every day and they love it when I’m home too…“OnlyF*ns actually helped with my anx!ety. I was so focused on making content it took my mind off things.“My fans always make me laugh. “They always have something sl!ck or funny to say. For example, every time I do a*se-clapping video, they pretend it’s an earthquake!”