Lil Baby Dismissed The Cla-ims By Made By Adult Star For Paying Her $16k To Sleep With Him

Rapper Lil Baby has had a great 2020. His sophomore record, titled ‘My Turn’, became his first #1 album on the Billboard 200.

He’s also nominated for the Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song categories at the upcoming Grammy Awards. But not all is well in the rapper’s personal life as contr-oversy has emerged in his relationship with partner Jayda Cheaves.

The rapper is surrounded by rumors of being unfaithful to Jayda with whom he has had an on-again-off-again relationship for a few years now. The two also have a son together named Loyal Armani and Jayda has featured in a number of his music videos.

The rumors started after ad-ult film actress Ms London cla!med on Instagram that she had a romantic night with the rapper and was paid $16,000 to spend an evening together. Instagram page The Shade Room posted about the cla!ms with the caption, “Ad-ult star #MsLondon trends after she so-called she had relations with #LilBaby”.

Lil Baby not only got $100,000 for his birthday, he also reportedly spent the night with a star. According to ad-ult film actress Ms. London, the “E-rrbody” rapper enjoyed a pass!onate night in her company. She detailed the so-called se*ual encounter on Twitter, cla!ming she was paid $6,000 for the one-n!ght sta-nd, which she recorded.

“Ok I’m home, 6K richer & full of 1942,” she tweeted. Some on social media have speculated that the experience was a gift from Baby’s girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves. “Not dropping no names, but jayda not leaving this man ever,” added Ms. London. She went on to boast about Baby’s skills in the bedroom. “The best d!ck I ever had came from a millionaire who didn’t say more than two full sentences to me. He literally be-at me to the mattress soon as I got in the room.”

Ms. London, who has since deleted her tweets, cla!ms she was dru-nk and re-grets her decision to tweet about the so-called affair. “It’s good im never gone get it again my publicist has confirmed,” she wrote. “That I fu**ed up before I even got in the house. I made the mistake I’m logging off I was wasted. Extremely.”

But it’s all cap, according to Baby. He responded to the all*gations, cla!ming Ms. London is just using his name for clo-ut. “I get it !! Say Baby Name Get Clo-ut 🤷🏽‍♂️ Y’all Need To Stop The De-sperate Sh!t,” he tweeted, adding, “When sh!t going good watch for the dev!l !” Baby celebrated his 26th birthday by hosting his Ice Ball in Atlanta last Thursday where he received lavish gifts including a Prada bag filled with $100,000 in cash and honey buns from James Harden.

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