Rapper Tokyo Vanity Defe-nds Meek Mill After He Received Backla-sh For Giving Street Children $ 20 Bills – VIDEO

Tokyo Vanity, the star and rapper of “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” soon after Meek Mill shared interactions with boys in Atlanta, Georgia, and gave them $ 20 to sell water and spl!t between groups.

Jumped into his defe-nse. As a resident of Atlanta, she has a lot to share and did it directly in multiple posts on Instagram.

Tokyo said, “Have you been to Atlanta? They are Lilni ** an agg as se*ual inte-rcourse, bills in your car, gre-asy, n*sty, and hot water bottles. I always give them money and give them water.

They are very ungrateful. They think that if you give one ni ** some money, you will give them all some money.Thinks they all sell water in one block and buy from all at the same time. F *** 1 ni ** a has to do with 7 bottles of water? He’s $ 24 I paid $ 20 for a bottle of water that came out of the $ 3 case.

He didn’t even have to give them s ** t, so in honor, everyone offe-nded Meek … $ 20 Take and buy yall5-6 cases of water to sell. That’s how you spl!t it! Tok didn’t stop there. In another post, she said, “If you’re not from Atlanta or live in Atlanta if you know, your opinion about Water Boys is an invalid ca-use!”

She continued the caption. “They’re aggr-essive and ungrateful af. You can give $ 10 for 17-cent bottled water because it’s $ 4 for the 24 they buy. They say, “Come on, mane, I know you got more money!” When you say, “No, go to your head,” he’s going to say, “f ** k you bi ** h Real water boy sh!t, br-oken a ** h * e We have real paper, real movements “and when pu-lling out more than about $ 500. You will sympathize now until you bring the ducks here, roll the windows and sn-atch your wallet. “

She even shared the interaction between another woman and the water boy, and the boy was very r*de and climbed over the woman’s jeep. Another Atlanta-based “TI and Tiny’s Friend and Family Hustle” Toya Johnson stepped into the shade room and commented on a video in Tokyo.

Toya said, “Today, six people h!t my window and came to my truck. I’m here for the hu-stle and bu-stle, but they’re very aggr-essive and k!ck you all out. I’m always trying to support the Ya-nkees, but their approach is a bit crazy. “Many people appreciated Tokyo for showing us what was really happening in Atlanta.

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