The Model Turned Herself Into A “Cu-rvy Barbie” To Create ‘Real-Body’ Product

A model has just fla-unted her latest transformation. Lu Duarte, who recently scooped the Miss B*m World award, is known for her jaw-dropping Ku-rves.

The Pla*boy Pla-ymate is now on another mission in life – to become a human s*x doll. Sporting her Ku-rves, with her 117cm b*tt and slim wa!st, the babe turned herself into a “cu*vy Barbie”.

Now she’s drawing a lot of attention on her social media platform, with Instagram fans loving her new look. She said: “My biggest dream is to be able to buy a doll with my measurements. This is the real body.”

In photos where she’s standing inside a doll box, Lu Duarte is wearing a pink vinyl dress. She fla-unted her gorgeous body in an array of different poses.

Lu Duarte added: “My goal with this photoshoot is to look like a doll. “There are no perfect girls like dolls. I think they should make more real dolls.”

Since she presented fans with her doll-like image, followers couldn’t help but praise her transformation. One said: “I want this Human Barbie for me to play with.” Another added: “I’m in sh-ock with this Barbie.”

The photoshoot was published in full in the FHM South Africa magazine in August. She revealed: “My goal was to show what I like to do on four walls. I prefer something bold and expl!cit. “I don’t think the film inc!tes any kind of se*ual v!olence.”

The shoot was taken by the photographer Fabrini Zanoni in a luxury hotel in Brazil.