Wiz Khalifa Trolls For Ki-ssed His 7-Year-Old Son on the Mouth Now His Fans Called It ‘We-ird’

A photo of Wiz Khalifa k!ssing his 7-year-old son Sebastian on the mouth has gone viral on social media, spa-rking a debate about whether or not it’s OK for a father to k!ss his son on the lips.

The image is a screenshot from a video from Wiz’s “Behind the Greens” series, which was recorded earlier this month and posted on his IGTV.

It shows Wiz and Bash—the rapper’s son with Amber Rose—sharing an open mouth k!ss, which many are saying is highly inappropriate considering the boy’s age.

One post on Facebook read: “Ok wiz is fu***in canceled… No man should k!ss a boy like this ..n his son at that.”“Wiz Khalifa really needs to stop k!ssing his son on the mouth like that,” another post on Twitter read.“He’s seriously way [too] old for him to be doing that.”

But not everyone sees an issue with the image. Someone on the aforementioned thread responded, saying: “Dats his kid lol [don’t] se*ualize affection from a father.”The original poster responded: “If his son was a baby [or] toddler okay whatever no problem but this little boy is like 7/8 and he’s k!ssing him on the mouth like this is WE!RD… He needs to stop that it’s not cute it’s d!sturbing.”

On Facebook, one user commented: “It’s between a father & a child. It was a quick pe-ck and they [screenshotted] that.”Another user said: “I [don’t] k!ss my son on the lips but cmon ppl it’s a PICTURE, A ‘STILL SH-OT’ [I’m] pretty sure the actual motion was [quick and] didn’t look so pass!onate like this STILL SH-OT.”

To be fair, again … the image IS a screengr-ab from a much longer video, and once you see the clip, it honestly doesn’t look as bad as how the screengr-ab makes it.In the video, Wiz tells his son good morning and k!sses him on the forehead. Wiz then turns to the camera and asks: “What about my k!ss?” at which point Sebastian gives his dad a quick k!ss on the lips before the two hug.

Here are some comments directly from the post on Instagram:“I never understood the love between k!ssing kids on the lips”“Y you k!ssing young [in the] mouth he [too] old [for] that”“The way that there are grown men and women in this comment section concerned about the way this man is showing love and affection to his ONLY CHILD is s!ckening.So embarra*sing, thought we moved past the whole idea of to-xic masculinity in 2020 but I guess not smh, just tra-gic lol.”

“[I know] this ni**a ain’t just kiss that ni**a in the [mouth]”“Hey everybody talking about k!ssing his son. I got an idea it’s crazy but How about yall worry bout yall own kids.”“Ok Tom Brady”“Some of y’all clearly have daddy issues. It’s his child & he loves him.”“Woah bro when did we start k!ssing our children ON THE MOUTH lmaoooooo”A similar debate was spa-rked when video surfaced of Tom Brady k!ssing his then 11-year-old son on the mouth.

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